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Recognized as #1 Best Tree Service Company in Irvine


Recognized as #1 Best Tree Service Company in Irvine

Affordable Tree Trimming Services in Orange County 

How do I find the best tree trimming company?

There are many tree-cutting companies out there. But how do you know which service is the right one for you?

Here is some advice that needs consideration:

Go with Experience – The more experience a Tree Services company has, the more likely they know how to do the job the right way. Experience is always a good thing to have, especially with tree trimming.

Check their Qualifications – Ask what type of tools the company uses and what technique they will use to trim the trees. These are factors that will influence the job they will do.

Check the ReviewsReview can tell a lot about the company. Check the Web for reviews of the tree trimming services you are considering do the job for you. Past customers are always eager to share their experiences.

Ask About Insurance – Insurance is a factor when hiring a tree removal service. Trees have the potential to cause substantial damage to your property. Especially true if they are near to your home. Nobody wants an accident to occur while getting tree work done. But if an accident does happen, you want assurance that whatever property damage or personal injury costs will not fall on you.

Always ask for a quote before proceeding with work.

To maintain the health of your trees and avoid the tree’s disease, contact us today to get a free estimate. Here at Affordable Tree Services Orange County, we’ll determine your trees’ needs and provide professional results that last and make a difference.

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Does trimming trees keep trees healthy?

If you’re a homeowner who cares for their yard, chances are you’ve considered tree trimming and tree pruning before.

Tree trimming helps trees, shrubs, and hedges thrive. In addition, it makes the property more attractive, improves the appearance of the trees, and a healthier landscape.

While pruning is good for the health of a tree. It prevents and prunes away infected branches. Unfortunately, infections can travel to healthy parts of the tree and may eventually endanger the tree’s life.

Dead branches also need to be pruned, as they are likely to attract insects and infections. Removing dead branches as soon as possible through pruning will prevent the infestations from spreading to the healthy parts of the tree.

Pruning and trimming of the trees need professional guidance and proper tools to be used. Here at Affordable Tree Services Orange County, we’ll determine your trees’ needs and provide professional results that last and make a difference.

When should trees be pruned in Orange County?

Pruning the mature plants and trees is best in winter during their dormant season, and it sets them up to create recent growth in the spring. In addition, since trees have to heal from being trimmed, winter allows them additional protection because there aren’t as many bugs and diseases trying to harm the tree.

However, there are exceptions. If slowing down the growth is the primary goal, late spring to early summer is the best season to prune. 

Waiting until the summer means the growth for the season is usually complete.

Fall and winter pruning will heighten the flowering of trees and shrubs that flower for recent growth.

How much does it cost to trim a tree?

Tree trimming prices depending on:

  • Height of the tree
  • Accessibility
  • Location
  • Job complexity

The best way to find out is to call for a Free Estimate! 


Safety – Trees can grow dangerously close to utility lines or obstruct proper vision while driving. Dead or broken branches can fall off, causing some risk to you or your family’s safety and property.

Health – Many tree health issues can be solved with a bit of pruning. You can cut away a disease before it spreads, for example, if you catch it early.

Aesthetics – Pruning helps keep your tree beautiful if you don’t give it an unnatural shape or size. It can also add attraction to your yard. 

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